Coffivity, was recommended by a developer friend of mine Dale a while back. He too travels alot, but when home in Kingston, Jamaica, works out of a home office or at a favourite cafe. The thing is I hate cubicled, formal work spaces. I prefer open plan, naturally lit, colourful, floppy, soft structured,  coworking type spaces like the ones Google and Facebook are known for. At the moment, there are none in Jamaica.

So I spend alot of time in my home office running Connectimass and getConnectid– both are virtual. That can get a bit monotonous and too quiet, plus being an extrovert I need people energy daily. So when I really can’t, won’t go out to a cafe, I go to and it really works for me.

By their definition, Coffivity is a web and mobile app that recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and helps your work better. And I swear by it. I use it most of the day on my laptop. Now whether it’s mind over matter, it keeps my energy up and helps keeps me focused. The founders of however says that its not my mind over the matter, and the fact that it works is backed by science and a huge creative community that the app daily like myself.

Check the research or just try it and let me know what you think.