As it came out I got it on my iPad. Why? First, one of the authors Michelle Messina has been an advisor to my company ConnectiMass since 2012 and she’s a really cool, smart, successful entrepreneur and amazing entrepreneur whisperer. Secondly, because the book is meant to be an insider’s guide to what makes Silicon Valley the global influence that it is. An as technology innovation and startups having blossomed into a global phenom, it is…right on time.

Here’s how they describe the book.

Decoding Silicon: The Insider’s Guide decodes the mystique of Silicon Valley, including the more subtle aspects that are hidden in plain sight. Learn about Silicon Valley best practices for growing and scaling companies, the Valley’s unique vantage point for evaluating startups, and what rules can and should be broken in the course of building a global business. Included are interviews with more than two dozen Silicon Valley insiders, including entrepreneurs, service professionals, and venture capitalists: Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad, Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Joe Kennedy of Pandora, and Phil Libin of Evernote. The interviews provide colorful stories, surprising anecdotes, and telling insights about what really happens in Silicon Valley.”


I recommend you go get it.