It was one of those moments when an idea floats into your consciousness and you go with it. In the past 48hours I’ve had two meetings and in the mix of the conversations there was a lot of talk about personal brands and what it all means in this Digital Age. Now even though the meetings were not about me trying to sell anyone on my digital personal branding packages, it was with people I have been building business friendships with, so it was instructive for me to hear how they perceived me.

One who’s known me for about 3 years when we met up to talk about this mobile-first Kenyan-based startup and the other who I’d seen and only known about because we have mutual friends and colleagues. The first one called me a trendsetter who has great under-leveraged influence and the other called me “not cookie-cutter”. I welcomed both perceptions I’m thankful for what it all sparked in me.

It made me reflect and look back on how far I’ve come in this tech , digital and social space…and I don’t do that reflecting thing, nearly as often as the business coaches would tell you to do. So it was in a moment of sitting and checking dates and sites and memories, that’s when I realised that I’ve been blogging for 11 years and I’ve been a digital nomad for 9 and a half years.

I didn’t even celebrate my 10th anniversary of blogging last year, marking it with anything special outside of, well, continuing to blog at SiliconCaribe  and at getConnectid. And regarding being a Digital Nomad since 2007, it has become so ingrained in me, a way of life that is second nature that it’s just now that I am seriously thinking about how to step it up. In fact, this past 2 weeks I’ve been selling off my home office furniture. Yep, I’m literally kicking myself out of even my home office, as I seek to spend more time traveling and exploring more of the Caribbean and the World.

Let’s see what comes from this convergence of these conversations, inner realisation and musings. I smell lots more fun, adventure and even business opportunities. I’ll keep you posted.