As I created my most recent hashtag today and why I wanted it, I mulled on why I created the others.

I created the #SiliconCaribe hashtag to promote my Caribbean Tech Blog of the same name and the content and events we produce. A couple of contributing bloggers and myself, have produced almost 2000 blog posts on Caribbean Digital Trends, Caribbean Startups, Digital Caribbean Businesses and Caribbean Digital Culture plus the meetups, conferences and other tech events we produce.

I created this one to promote my boutique digital agency getConnectid and the all the blog posts we write about that seeks to educate and excite our current and potential clients. We share our insights on Becoming a Social Business, Social Media Insights and Trends for Business, Digital Marketing and Caribbean Brands.

This one I created just today and is associated with the Digital Nomad side of my personal brand and all that I write about on this topic. I plan to consistently write about my Digital Nomad journeys as I travel for work and business in the Caribbean and the rest of the world.  Additionally, I will be writing to raise the visibility of this trend for Caribbean Travel Organisations, Caribbean Brands and us online entrepreneurs and freelancers. I intend for it all  to also connect to the rising community of Caribbean Nomads and Digital Nomads who travel to the Caribbean to do business and explore.

And of course, I also monitor these hashtags plus I now have t-shirts and Laptop stickers for all of those hashtags too. 🙂

So in general I created my hashtags to do the following:

    • Align with my brands and Promote my brand’s content. Brand awareness.
    • Spark Real-time interaction with friends, fans, and influencers
    • Reinforce your area of expertise

Please do search for them, share them and join in on the conversations. See you online.