I spent this past weekend in a very pensive kinda mode. The past two weeks have been hectic and good, yet it  had my energy and attention kinda all over the place. I was feeling stretched and a bit out of control. I was on and off with my meditation, had a few days of insomnia and was a bit out of sorts with a slight ear and sinus infection. I had a lot on my mind and decisions to make.

So I decided to cocoon myself in my apartment, to just sit and be quiet. I rescheduled my Saturday meetings, cooked for myself, caught up on my sleep, mosey around in my pjs, sprawled out on my sofa, played games on my iPad and stared at the ceiling. I spoke to only two people all weekend, and I read even more selectively – two articles on the African American Museum that opened in DC and on Ava Duvernay’s work – a woman who I now have a major woman crush on now. All of that with a dash of “light” reading this new ebook on Trend-driven Innovation. And God it felt good!

I just needed some extended me-time.

Then I woke up this Monday morning, stretched, wrote in my gratitude journal, meditated and then went online to go watch an Abraham Hicks Law of the Attraction video, which is typically part of my morning routine. This time an Oprah video labelled Inspiring Words caught my eye. I watched it and of course it was just what I needed right now. Again, that’s just how God and the Abundant Universe works. The 10 min video resonated. I watched it twice.

Here is just some of what connected with me.

I am co-creating  this life – along with my creator.  Know this and Move with confidence.

When you do well and do good people notice. And that sets u up for what’s next in life.

Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

The moment you can figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing, the sooner you are able to get about the business of doing that.

Life is about growth and change and when you’ve stopped doing that, that is the Universe telling you..it’s time to do something now, time to do something else.

You have to take responsibility for the space you hold here …remember… for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – every thought that I think, that moves in to action – everything that I put out in the world is going to come back. That is the golden rule, it is law. #LOA

How far you are from the divineness of yourself, how far you are from the connection from your Source energy determines how out of sync you are, but once you are aligned with that – nothing can touch you!

What is real, what is lasting, is who you are and what you are meant to bring, what is the gift you are meant to give, and nobody, can take that away from you!

Having digested all of that, I realised that with all of these opportunities before me and with all of these fresh ideas, new clients and event invitations – I had some decisions to make and I had to get clear again, on the basis on which I am going to say yes or no. I have certainly gotten better at doing this in the moment these past years, but for some reason I was a little bit out of sync and I had to pause and reconnect with the WHYs of what I have been doing.

So of course in the process of musing, some of the usual questions popped up. It’s was  like a quarterly temperature check for me. I had to sift and sort and what felt 100% right with my soul.

I asked myself.

Why am I still blogging and curating other people’s content on my media platform that is SiliconCaribe.com again? What is this 9.5 year old Caribbean Tech Blog really about, who is it for and to what end? Why do I do Caribbean Tech Events for Entrepreneurs again? Why do I go speak on topics and challenge the status quo on what affects how we innovate, start businesses and build wealth in this Digital Age again? Why do I seem to challenge the status quo in how I dress, what I say, what I write ? Why do I help brands understand and make sense of all things digital again? Why?

These are valid questions right now, because I am considering a finessed focused for SiliconCaribe and I’m working on a new event called Caribbean Bloggers Week in December. Then there is another Kingston BETA meetup event on Oct 26th the second to last one for this year and the run up to our 10th anniversary of this event in January 2017.  Added to that I am being wooed more into policy change-making kind of work and while it’s another channel where I can possibly influence change in the Caribbean Innovation and Startup Ecosystem, I recognise too, that, not because I can, means that I should. Further, my Digital Nomadness is niggling me to make some where do I live and where do I travel next kinda considerations. #PlaneMekFiTek

That said, what I’ve certainly learned over the years, is that you have to reconnect with why of what you are doing regularly, because while your dream, your personal vision for your life may be known and solid, you will invariably change a few tactics along the way.

After I watched the Oprah video, Seth Godin’s name popped into my head, as he’s always writing about doing work that matters. He challenges us his readers to make the choice of doing work that matters to us, plus  how to prepare to navigate situations when we choose that path. I went back to his blog and I chose these three posts I think could set your own mind and mojo into motion. Happy reading, musing and deciding.

Seth’s Blog: Ten questions for work that matters

Seth’s Blog: When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool

Seth’s Blog: The crowd, your work, and a choice

It’s no coincidence that Oprah and Seth are two of the people I have on my inspiration wall in my home office. 🙂

Here is the Oprah video that started off my morning and inspired this blog post.