Been reflecting on this 2016 and how much I’ve changed, grown. Without question, one of drivers of my personal growth has been connecting with the minds and work of amazing women. There are 3 that top my chart.
These 3 women have made me realise how feminist I and my work has always been; they continue to inspire and challenge me to raise my game intellectually and in thinking bigger about the platforms and work I’ve created and still creating. These women are funny, intellectual, articulate, classy, grounded in who they are, on a mission, speak their minds with clarity and fearlessness and many times with a little bit of an edge. They all, also happen to be stunning, beautiful women!
I’m delving even more into their powerful and shape sifting work and inhaling every talk they do and feature profiling them. I’ve only met one of them personally this year and I am pretty sure I will meet and draw long bench with the other two in 2017.
They are
1. Minna Salami – Nigerian-Finnish writer, blogger, speaker – ( Met her at Calabash Jamaica)
2. Ava Duvernay – seriously. haven’t heard of her yet? Unfriend me now. lol. – American writer,award-winning director Selma, 13th, Queen Sugar
3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Award-winning Nigerian noverist and speaker