What Do You Want? It’s just four words that form a question, yet it stops most people in their tracks every, single, time.

Why? Because most of us are not used to asking ourselves this question and we’re certainly not used to being asked that question regularly. It’s four words, one question that forces us to stop, reflect, really know, ask why, be honest and then courageous in saying what is really in our hearts and in our mind.

It’s four words, one question that if we allow it, can bring us enough clarity to say this is who I am, and this is what I really want- then with confidence, stand in our truth with knees shaking or not.

What Do You Want? Four words, one question, that calls us to take full responsibility for our choices, our focus and our results, our lives – privately, then publicly.

I believe it’s one of those questions, four words, that can give us ultimate freedom when we let it.