Maybe it was that very popular quote “Fake It Till You Make it” that did it. Or maybe it’s a bad habit some of us have had – of talking more about what we are about to do vs sharing what it is we actually have done.

Hmmm… you see, for some it may seem that the hype works, because they get the attention – the headlines, the online chatter –  the thing is though, that once you get that attention, and people come to scratch to sniff the real experience, there had better be something there.  And when I talk about hype I’m talking about how it’s defined here – “Excessive, exaggerated and extravagant publicity, claims and commotion surrounding something.”

That said, whatever school of thought you may champion, I’m going to stick with what I’ve seen works for others that I admire and what has also worked for me these past 10 years. And that is this – lasting reputations are built and sustained based on results, not hype.