If  you are doing it right and you’re in a constant and never ending rhythm of learning and evolving, then you would have gone through a number of life cycles of letting go and growing. But there are times when we get stuck…because we are unsure and afraid about what we want and how to get it. We are unsure and afraid to walk away from the people, those friends, that relationship, that damn job that simply doesn’t do it for us anymore. And there are times we feel guilty, greedy even for wanting more especially if we’ve been socialised to just settle.

But you’ve been reading, learning new skills, traveling, exploring, talking to a variety of people, dreaming bigger and differently and when that happens you can’t help but grow. You start to see life, play, business, the world very differently. You start to ask different questions. Then you look around and realise that not everyone’s on the same wave length as you are anymore. Because some people are stuck themselves and are unsure like you once were. Then you have to choose, make that hard decision – whether to stay the same and stuck in that same old place or choose yourself, let them go, let it all go – because you want to grow, you want more and you are done feeling guilty about it all.

And so you start to spend less time with the losers, those complainers and know-it-alls who are in the loop of saying the same ole thing and doing the same ole stuff year after year- the same people who are making your feel guilty about the change they are seeing in you. But you continue to spend more time in environments and with the people who match who you are now and who you are becoming and it feels good. Then you have no choice but to let it go, let them go, let it all grow – to fly and level up to who and what’s next for you.