Too many of us look to someone else to tell us that who we are and how we do what we do, is ok. I get it, seeking external validation is pretty easy, especially when shit goes wrong you can always say well that advice from that person didn’t work. So you don’t have to take responsibility for what did or did not happen.

The sweetest thing though, is when you become truly self aware, you observe, accept and love your quirks.

Fact is, we all have unique ways of being and doing. We all have those seemingly weird creative and productivity processes that are truly unique to us. Whether you need to meditate, journal and yoga before you start your business day; you may need to walk outside to get 15mins of sunlight before you can sit at your desk; suppose you need to stop midweek and hit the beach for a long lunch and an afternoon swim just to disrupt your weekly routine…or maybe you need to go for a run, then light sandalwood incense before you can see people- your clients or team members. Maybe you write your to do list in the middle of your hand vs on phone or have a wall of post its mind-mapping your ideas, instead of Evernote folders. So what if you kiss yourself in the mirror then dance to Afrobeat music to get your mind problem solving. Do you have to get up from your laptop to take a musing walk every 30mins?

Whatever your ritual, rhythm or process is…accept is as yours. There isn’t anything wrong with it, if that is what makes you creative and productive…if that is what it takes for you to get the work done and well and in it’s work that matters and makes you proud.

Fuck the fact that you didn’t find it in a How To Article or it doesn’t match with what some life coach video said. Being self aware is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and accepting what makes you and your process unique is what will make you stand out and win. Love and Leverage Your Quirks!