It’s soo easy to get caught up the the current global hype that is entrepreneurship now. Being in this Digital Age-with the internet, mobile phone and constant connectivity does present to us with a stunning amount of opportunities to start a business, any kind of business. Now, while the fundamentals remain – that you have to create a product/service that fills a need or create such a strong desire – that people want to pay for it- entrepreneurship is also being redefined.

It ranges from people who want to take us to Mars, have us leave the electricity grid and connect more to the sun, to those who want to cure the earth of disease, push back on climate change –  as well as those who want to take photos , do video, teach others what they know online, launch a blog, do podcast shows and make money from that. The range has gotten more expansive than ever before. You can fly solo, add one and call them partner, build a team ( local or scattered worldwide) who are employees or work by project contracts. So whether you call it self-employment/solopreneur, a startup, social enterprise, digital nomadism or mini multinational – fact is, you get to define your life, your business and live it your way. And that to be is the ultimate the beauty of living, working and doing business in this Digital Age.

It is literally easier and cheaper than ever before to stay where you are, with good internet connection and launch a business on snapchat, instagram, via email or to even pitch for money to launch or scale. What we are seeing is that now more than ever before, we can really choose an entrepreneurial path that suits who are are, our values, our lifestyle, our location and thrive.

And I won’t get into the fact that the playing is more level, therefore it means more players and competition, and  that you really have to work at it really hard and consistently to standout and carve out your profitable niche, because my point is  –  you can stop listening to everyone telling what you should do and just do you. Because it is easier, cheaper to start it’s also easier, cheaper and quicker for you to fail, then find your own lucractive space. So, I am asking that you stop, listen, experiment, get to know yourself first, know what you want and how you want to live – then build your business around that.

It took me a few iterations to find my groove. I’ve done the solopreneur, partnership, limited liability with medium sized and distributed team and I’ve realised that time, travel, financial freedom is important to me. So solopreneurship with a couple of contracted individuals based on projects is best for me.  I’ve realised that digital media, events subscription based products and premium consulting services are the best business fit for my personality and lifestyle.  I love to create once, distribute everywhere, get paid while on the move  – I crave, need variety in my surroundings and in my network and daily experiences – it makes me grow faster and be even more creative – hence why having a media business – Silicon Caribe Media which produces a leading blog, a podcast and events with lots of other money making possibilities within that scope.

So I can blog and podcast wherever I am in the world, as long as I have my laptop and internet and every time I am done with an event I can start traveling again. I can create my monthly paid newsletter once, market it and keep things rolling.  I can create an ebook once, distribute it and keep it moving. It have only myself to manage, no daily 365 daily team management stuff. This entrepreneurial lifestyle, has also facilitated me being an in-demand speaker and digital strategist who only does strat plans and on call consulting – because again it has me on the move – no cubicle life, no two days are the same and I thrive on that!!

I like working barefooted, with my legs crossed in a sofa or bed with a cool view…or in a cafe while sipping a glass of wine or hot chocolate…or in a coworking space surrounded by the ambient buzz of smart, creative minds in the city I currently am. My daily uniform is a tshirt and jeans with classic coloured converse or Toms, maybe high-heeled boots and a blazer if the occcasion calls for it. Did I mention that I dislike meetings, committees and all that jazzz. I’m also a moderate minimalist who leans more to experiences than having a lot of  unnecessary stuff, but what I do have, is really good shyte. Added to that, I now only mentor two entrepreneurs per year so I can give them my full attention and I’ve booked off all but two board appointments (I’m going for zero eventually).

I’m sure if I chose to live and do business differently I could become a billionaire ( and that is still possible when I get more into investing) but it’s not important for me- time, travel and financial freedom are. I wanted more than anything for my business to fit around me and fuel my life and beliefs, rather than me being a slave to my business. I am choosing to do work that matters to me, in a manner that supports who I am and what I love and would not have it any other way.

As Richard Branson says “The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret to freedom is courage.”