Digital Personal branding is a leadership requirement, not a self-promotion campaign. It is about demonstrating the value you represent to your company and industry.

Have you ever Googled your own name? What comes up for you ? You see those Google results, that is your Online Reputation. Let that sink in for a minute. And why is this the case? Well, because Google and Linkedin give better results about who you are, where you are and what you are about that any business card can. Additionally, and that’s what people are increasingly doing….they search for your name on Google or Linkedin and they trust what they see. Why? Firstly, it’s faster and more efficient than calling 10 people who know or may know you. Secondly, in this Digital Age, people want to know if you are with it, ahead of the curve with Technology and your industry. They want to know if you are Digital Confident.

So are you happy with that you found? Does it represent who you are, how you want people to perceive you?  Do the search results reflect accurately where you are headed and who you are becoming? And in this Digital Age, your online reputation is either hurting or helping you, good thing is – you get to decide and you can change it anytime. Executives, Professionals, Consultants, Speakers, Digital Media Personalities and Entrepreneurs I’m speaking to you specifically. What does your digital personal brand look like?

You see, personal branding is more important now than it has ever been. In today’s global digital economy, this connected work – whether you’re employed by a company or yourself, the competition for jobs, projects, trust and an enduring reputation is fierce.

Whether you’re looking for more career or business opportunities, you want to launch into a fresh direction, you have to give yourself an edge and a head start. You have to stand out.  And in order to do that and become top of mind, you must take control of your messaging and begin to articulate your value in various ways. In short, you must position and make a name for the Brand Called You.

That said of course Personal Branding will never replace the good ole network…but you do know where this network is growing bigger, wider and can take you even further  and faster-yep, online. Check out this article I wrote on  There are 2.4 million Caribbean professionals on now, here’s why you should care.

Added to that. What are the real benefits of Personal Branding?

– It helps establish trust. And you’ve heard it before, people do business, hire people they know, like and trust
– Establishes Your Credibility.
– It increases your visibility and find-ability in online social graphs, with your friends and colleges.
-It defines your relationship with the professional world around you and tells YOUR story.
-It leads to new opportunities and leads generation for exciting jobs and projects.

My Personal Story

Having co-founded a Caribbean digital agency and also worked as a solo practitioner, I’ve created breakthrough digital strategies, launched influencer campaigns, developed award-winning digital content, plus built engaged online communities for over 50 Caribbean brands in the Financial, Travel, Information Communication Technology, and Food & Beverage sector. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I have also developed and conducted workshops, seminars and short courses for business executives, conference attendees and college students.

The one recurring question I’ve gotten a lot especially this past year and a year is how did I become so known in the Caribbean and diaspora where my name is now synonymous with many things Caribbean Tech. And I always replied…I blogged. That’s what started it all for me. I started blogging in 2005 and it was the Caribbean Tech Blog,  It was always a passion for me, I’ve been in the tech industry since the late 90s and information seemed to always find me. Plus, I always enjoying researching and sharing what I found and what I came to know, when I connected certain dots.

Now, SiliconCaribe has developed into a full fledged media and events company that promotes Caribbean Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and I spend 99% of my time on that.  Then when I became a certified Digital marketer, I knew how to make those blog posts reach far and wide. That single blog and the insights, information and resources I started putting on there, demonstrated my thought leadership and expertise in the space. I’ve built enduring relationships, gotten business, speaking engagements from being consistent in that single channel. And even though, in this time of Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat – blogging is still relevant. Of course you can now tailor how you showcase who you are, your knowledge and stories on the channel that is best for your personal brand and objectives.

How to get started with your Personal brand?

Generally, start by auditing you current online presence, then secure your personal name as a domain name. It also involves getting super clear on what you want to be known for now and going forward; what do you have planned for your career and business for the next 3 yrs; having clarity on the best ways you communicate and what do you believe you know better than most and want to share that can be of value to others.

Opportunity will find you and your business when you have a strong personal brand.

A Client’s Story

Marguerite Orane is a client of mine. She is a Jamaican, based in Toronto. Harvard educated, certified Leadership and Business Consultant and Coach. She also happens to be one of the first Caribbean bloggers who curated blogs into publishing a book.

Over the years I’ve helped her gain clarity about her content for her blog, her website and her email newsletter and just keeping her updated on social media and what she may want to jump on.

Just this month however, it has been about crafting and implementing a fresh digital strategy that will take her business to the next level — driven by her personal brand. She is growing her consulting and coaching business into new markets with fresh products/services. So this has meant creating an online sales funnel, gaining clarity around how to use her company’s blog and her Huffington post blog going forward: in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. All geared to leveraging them all execute on clear objectives.

After a half day retreat in the hills of St Andrew while she was here in Jamaica. I got this from Marguerite a few days later.

” Note, implementation of digital strategy has begun! Yeah …. thanks again for the knowledge, expertise and the inspiration!…what you have given me — digital confidence.”

I am really thankful for this.

Working with Personal Brands like Marguerite and a couple of others — an Entrepreneur and Business strategist in the UK; an executive about to launch her own business in the Wine & Spirits Industry and another, a Jamerican in the Music and Entertainment Industry has made me decide, to continue in the Digital Marketing industry as offering Personal Brand Digital Strategy + Coaching.

I love working one-on-one with individuals..just passionate individuals who believe in evolving and who want to win in the Digital Space and are willing to do whatever it takes.