The Social Media Networks that I Use + How

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As a Digital Strategist and owner of getCONNECTiD Digital Marketing Company I get asked regularly what social networks I and currently using and how. So here they are. My social networks of choice Facebook – I am on here every single day. The leverage of engagement is HUGE. Twitter – I am part conversation firestarter + part listener + part master retweeter. Instagram– I use this alot. Did…

The ‘Noise’ App that’s helps me stay focused and boosts my productivity

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Coffivity, was recommended by a developer friend of mine Dale a while back. He too travels alot, but when home in Kingston, Jamaica, works out of a home office or at a favourite cafe. The thing is I hate cubicled, formal work spaces. I prefer open plan, naturally lit, colourful, floppy, soft structured,  coworking type spaces like the ones Google and Facebook are known for….

Why I hated managing people and the video that made me understand what I was doing wrong

I hate managing people. I’ve been saying this for at least 6 years now. When I first had to somewhat when I ran a web development company called Dutchpot Interactive between 2003-2007 with my business partner Susan. I left many of the people things to her, even though I suffered through the hiring and some of the training with her. We had a company with…

Making this Seth Godin paraphrase a Mantra of mine

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…bring your true self to the work, your unadulterated effort, without negative self-talk and the sanding off of the interesting edges..bring your vision…because your magical, vulnerable work changes everything. I stitched together pieces of this blog post titled “The moment of highest leverage“

For my birthday…a Life List….100 things I want to do before I go

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This life list was inspired by Magaret Mason – Maggie, a blogger I met on the first Jamaica Tourist Board Bloggers Trip, that I had co-planned while consulting with Geejam Media. She was different and not just because she was a red head with wild hair, but she had a joy for life and living in the moment that was infectious! It was there that…