Personal Brand Digital Strategy + Coaching

I help CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, creatives, tech and sports industry individuals and speakers in the Caribbean and Diaspora – build personal brands online that drive their careers and businesses.

Over the last 10 years, as founder of a boutique Interactive Agency as well as a solo practitioner, I’ve created breakthrough digital strategies, launched influencer campaigns, developed award-winning digital content, plus built engaged online communities for over 50 Caribbean brands in the Financial, Travel, Information Communication Technology, and Food & Beverage sector. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I have also developed and conducted workshops, seminars and short courses for business executives, conference attendees and college students.

Now, I craft Digital Strategies and Coach individuals who believe that personal branding is a leadership requirement, not a self-promotion campaign. It is about demonstrating the value you represent to your company and industry.

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How it all works
So you’re thinking you might need some help launching, growing / fixing / revamping your personal brand online and have it drive your career and business goals, the future of success as you define it – I will help to decide what you should be doing.

How does a Personal Brand Digital Strategy + Coaching programme work for you?

At the Start
An overall audit and assessment of where you are is done.
A clear strategy  for what you want to achieve is defined and developed with clear action plan.

During the 3 months of Execution under your Coaching Programme
You pick the topic and tell me your situation via email prior to our conversation.
I’ll review your situation and prepare my recommendations.
We schedule a 60 minute call where we discuss your situation and the recommended solutions, tools and resources.
I give you action items to work on and provide email support and check in calls to keep you going.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming, but I help you define your focus and execute on the activities that matter. You don’t need to do everything that’s available to you. You just need to select the right strategies and execute them consistently for your person brand to stand out.

Digital Strategies: Start at US$1,495

Programme 1: Weekly Coaching                     : US$ 2,395 for 3 months

Programme 2: Fortnightly Coaching             : US$ 1,295 for 3 months

Call to Start Your Programme Now: 1 876 864 2440 ( WhatsApp)