How I Jabbed, Jabbed and Right Hooked my way into a Mission-driven Media Business

Not everyone will understand your journey, the routes you take and the sacrifices you make, but you can surely still share with them your why. After 10 years of running up and down many, many streets in the Caribbean Tech Industry and enjoying a long list of roles, communities and relationships – I am now growing a mission-driven media company focused on that same industry….

” …if you can keep it about the work, you’ll always have a path.” – President Barack Obama

I remember when I saw that quote, that I’ve used as the headline for this blog post, it while browsing Instagram. You know that moment when you stumble upon the perfect quote or story that matches how you’re feeling and what you are thinking, in that very moment. So when I saw President Barack Obama in a pensive posture and I read the Humans of…