Results are not Guaranteed; They are Earned.

Up until early October this year, I hadn’t been to the gym in almost a year and it showed. I hadn’t shaken those 20lbs I had regained from those 44lbs I shed about seven years ago. At my heaviest I was 214, at 5ft 9inches, an insomniac, workaholic and borderline hypertensive with bad eating habits.  Being on low grade hypertension pills for a spell changed my…

How I Jabbed, Jabbed and Right Hooked my way into a Mission-driven Media Business

Not everyone will understand your journey, the routes you take and the sacrifices you make, but you can surely still share with them your why. After 10 years of running up and down many, many streets in the Caribbean Tech Industry and enjoying a long list of roles, communities and relationships – I am now growing a mission-driven media company focused on that same industry….