I was invited to speak at the inaugural Black Tech Week in Miami Feb 23-28th, 2015 by one of the event co-founders Felecia Hatcher. The week long conference celebrating innovators of color with a mission to accelerate Miami as the gateway to Africa & the Caribbean. I love that mission.

As a tech entrepreneur myself and as one of the leaders helping to build out the startup ecosystem in Jamaica and across the Caribbean it was easy to say yes.

My presentation was called Sun, Sea and Startups – Story of the Jamaican Startup Scene. The goal of my presentation was to give a history of where things started, some of the Early Adopters and visionaries who were behind it, some of the most interesting things that’s been happening especially over the past 3 years and what the mission is for Jamaica and for the Caribbean too I believe.

Typically I use lots of photos and logos on my presentations as few words as possible and weave a story while talking. I’ve been asked to share the presentation, so here it is in PDF format on SlideShare. Do share and comment.