I wrote this post on Facebook and thought I’d share it here on my blog also. And it’s this, th top 3 skills, I have acquired over the last 5 years that has helped to keep me sane, focused and happy.

1. Meditation.
I meditate now 99% of the time. Averaging 20mins a day and some days I do it twice. The ability to quiet your mind or to focus your thoughts in a particular direction is priceless. It is the ultimate me time.

Meditation helps to sharpens my focus, keeps me clear, calm and relaxed and even more in tuned with my instincts. Plus I am largely unflappable when people attempt to mess with me.

Don’t get me wrong there are moments I get sucker punched and go down in a fit of bawling and or cussing…but once I go meditate, the clarity, confidence and grounding that re-emerges is so stunning, that even my detractors say WTF with their faces.

Meditating has made me a better person and a better entrepreneur. And there are quite a few window wipers and people who I deal with in business and govt, who ought to be happy that I do.

I learnt how to meditate from yoga classes, then I read and listened online alot of stuff on meditation by Deepak Chopra

2. Maintaining a daily gratitude journal.
Because nothing compares to that moment, when you think you are having a shitty day or week..and you sit and write down everything that is going right in your life at that moment.

It will always relieves any anxiety or anger and replaces it with relief, thankfulness and a reason to smile dammit. And it’s just a great reminder that there is always so much more going right in our lives, than what is going wrong.

Plus whatever we consistently focus, on we will surely get more of. So focus on what you want and know, that the Abundant Universe will always have your back.

3. Not giving a flying fuck what anyone has to say or is thinking about me.

And anyone, also includes friends and family by the way. Man this one was difficult to do, because there are moments I slip back into the social programming I was raised on.

Let me tell you though, if you want to be a happy, successful entrepreneur who does work that matters… you cannot care what people think about you, especially when you buck yuh toe and belly flop into sensational failures along your journey….because if you care what people say or think, you may never get back up and try again.

So anytime my knees get a little wobbly about something, I remember what my biz coach and friend Marguerite Orane told me…“Your reputation is in tact, with those who matter.” And only you get to define, who those people are.

How sweet those words are on their own. Then when you pair them, with the words of Brene Brown…who in essence said, those who have never been in the ring don’t get to judge you or comment on you the gladiator who is in that ring, taking licks for what you believe in. So ignore their trifling ass and do YOU. The winner’s circle awaits.