I have been meditating consistently now for about 2yrs and it’s been averaging 15-20 min once a day. Now I am stepping it up to consistently have 20mins quiet time at the start and end of my day. I am a big believer that everyone can benefit from meditation… this quiet time….especially entrepreneurs like myself.

You see, meditation is like rebooting your brain, finding a mental centre in the midst of what’s going on around you and going on inside of you. Meditation or what’s also called, mindfulness is what we entrepreneurs need to  help us be more focused, joyful and make the best decisions during the day.

Meditation has helped to make me calmer, happier, more focused, energised, clear, confident and I feel more in charge of my life because of it. I am a believer now in Success through Stillness. So from January 14th to Feb 14th I have committed to meditating twice a day – 20mins every morning and evening, to up the ante on my practice

Here’s what my meditation practice looks like

My technique that I practice is the simple Inhale: Exhale technique and I may add variations to the theme. The Inhale: Exhale technique falls under what is called the Open Monitoring (OM) method

OM falls within the various branches of Buddhist mindfulness techniques. There is a placement of awareness on things such as your breath, your feelings or thoughts, with a view of detaching yourself from the grip of your ever-wandering mind. Once detached, you may begin to identifying with your thought patterns and emotions, instead of allowing them to take hold of you.” – source mindbodygreen.com

So I will sit somewhere comfortably, typically my bed or sofa or at times on my yoga mat, cross my l and when I am on the go I can do this in an airport, in my car or on a train.


I close my eyes and bring my awareness to my breathing. Begin to gradually breathe in a little deeper and then breathe out a little more than usual. Fill up the lungs, and then empty the lungs.  I will do this for 20 mins and easily, most times, I get lost in the rhythm until the gentle alarm goes off.

I will at times add a dash of variation to this by doing one of two things.
First on the Inhale, I will say In Love and Light, on the exhale I will say out Darkness and Fear and again I will get lost in this until the alarm goes off.

A second way I add a variation on the inhale:exhale meditation technique is by doing this. I will chose 3-5 words that feels right to me at the time that I will repeat in sequence for the entire 20 mins. So I may repeat Peace. Passion. Prosperity or any others that feels right to me. Once again, I will do this for the entire time and get totally lost in it all.

I know it may sound kinda kooky or new agey to the uninitiated, but think of it this way – since meditation is a technique that helps to reboot  your mind, it stand to reason then, that you could also use it as a way to input what you want, to focus on what feels good to you. So that’s what I do and what works for me.

That said there are a number of other meditation techniques that you can try.

benefitsofmeditationSo are you interested in trying it for yourself  ? If so, then I’d recommend you read these two articles first.

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