I was coming from the beach the other day with the BizCoach and the Yogi, two thirds of the Three Muskeeters. We dash off to Fort Clarence beach, 30 mins out of Kingston, every time the BizCoach flies into the country, it’s our ritual. And it’s typically one of those catch up on whats going on in our worlds and what we’re thinking about a lot lately.

Now as I plan and been executing on the 10th anniversary year of having a media brand and a marketing brand, I don’t even know where my damn comfort zone is  anymore and it’s scaring the shit out of me and of course, I’ve felt more excited.

On, one of the few quiet moments in the car ride back into Kingston, I asked everyone this question….”How do you know that what you feel is truly your gut, you intuition and not your fear?” “That’s a very good question,” the Biz Coach said. Then there was a few minutes of discussion and some resolution and of course I went home with it on my mind.

And all of that thinking spawned that quote above. For me, I resolved that it come from self-awareness, from trusting and acting on your instincts, which comes from having enough experiences of when you do and when you don’t and living the results of those differences. It’s a knowing and everyone knows when someone and something just, doesn’t, feel right. We know, we always know, and the trick is always acting accordingly, regardless of what anyone else says and think.

This applies to the who and the what in love, business…life.