Typically, we all were socialised to be and do one thing and have one way of living. You know the spiel- go to school, get this degree, stick to this one job and its promotions, retire, collect a gold watch and an office party, then wait to die.

Thankfully, this Digital Age with its disruptions and amplified possibilities, have shown us all even more so, that there can be more than one or even two acts in life. We can be a blogger, social media strategist, paid influencer, author, speaker and media mogul. Then if we also choose, we can move on to be yogi, reiki master, life coach  or you can be author, digital nomad, speaker. Whatever the combination you want, you can have. Whatever new skills you want to flex or passions you wish you grow and profit from — people now feel this greater freedom to live like this.

It’s as if there is a wholesale rejection of the one dimensional path that was sold to us and there a fresh discovery and an acceptance of the multidimensional beings, we always are. There seems to be rise in people realising, that they don’t have to live the kind of life, other people expect us to.

This fresh way of thinking and living is especially necessary for entrepreneurs – where failures and 2nd, 3rd and 5th acts are the norm.  In fact reinvention is being seen as a display of resilience, creativity and yes, it’s become downright sexy. That’s why I believe that once we allow it free reign on our lives, Reinvention can become the mother of  our ascension, because when we do it right – each reinvention takes us higher, pushes us further along.

And how sweet that is!