…And the mission is to always Outwork, Outsmart and Outlast them all. And just who are the people who form this “all”.  All of your naysayers and competitors to your market, the ones who try to mystery shop to sift out your methodologies and prices; those peeps who don’t stay in their lane, because they see you having way too much fun, money and success and want some of that by trying to cut you off at your knees. Who are those people that make up this “all”, those people who seek to pick your brain for free or a meal; you know, the ones who smile at you, stalk your social channels for whatever they are looking for.

If you’ve been a pioneer in the field and still holding your own, then you’ve got everyone gunning for your spot! So, you’ll have to pull on your inner Usain Bolt – which is to smile and nod at the players in your market; continue to work your ass off do to great work and build relationships that attract new business to you; surround yourself with people you trust and who do their work excellently; answer one or two of your rivals with a few choice words every now and again; then dismiss them all in world-class, beat their ass to the finish line styleee!

Because, every single day of your entrepreneurial life you will be called on to adapt, so put them those peeps on ignore, focus on what you want, stay true to your values and continue to Outwork, Outsmart and Outlast them all.