3 Books, 1 website and a Podcast: that’s what I recommended to a Caribbean Entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur asked me just a couple of days ago: “What are some personal growth/business /books/activities that you would recommend?” He sent the question through a Twitter direct message. Rory actually just took the leap of leaving his job to focus 100% on growing his food-based online business…he’s found a need and a niche that connects the cravings of the Jamaica Diaspora with some authentic…

Making this Seth Godin paraphrase a Mantra of mine

Random 1 min read

…bring your true self to the work, your unadulterated effort, without negative self-talk and the sanding off of the interesting edges..bring your vision…because your magical, vulnerable work changes everything. I stitched together pieces of this blog post titled “The moment of highest leverage“